The Appalachian Trail: Day 32

April 30, 2017

What a morning! I woke up ready to face the day but I guess the day didn’t want to be underestimated. Before getting even half a mile in, my phone started buzzing and making noise. I looked at it and it appeared to be restarting. Odd, but buttons do get pressed on accident. A few minutes later and my stomach sank. My phone had reset itself, wiping all local data. Lots of pictures, contacts, music, and several blog entries (and the notes I keep for reference) were lost forever. I’d later find out that there’s a setting that wipes your phone after a certain number of incorrect password attempts.

The hiking was easy. We passed into Virginia (you can see my mood on my face) and ran into my brother jogging up the trail. He offered to carry mine or DustBuster’s pack but I’m not sure how  I well he would’ve been able to keep up. I still slowed down a tad, just in case. We ended up making the 10 miles into Damascus in just 2.5 hours!

After taking a few pictures, we went to procure a place to sleep. Lots of places were either booked or not open until noon as it was Sunday but we finally found beds at Crazy Larry’s. He is quite an interesting character! In addition to his hostel, he also buys and sells anything he thinks he can make a buck off of and is a bit of a mushroom hunter. He’s a really fun guy to hang out with and he even got a pretty good video of me singing for a Klondike Bar. Watch it here!

My brother and his wife were absolutely wonderful! They grilled some burgers in the park and we caught up and talked about life on the trail. They brought me so much stuff: snacks, socks, candy and meat! My pack is going to be hefty tomorrow! After lunch we went to get ice cream and I finally got the banana shake that I have been craving since the beginning of week 2. It was everything I had been dreaming of!

They left after a few hours and I went on to plan out my meals and buy a few things from the outfitters. Dinner was a big and beefy, perfectly-made BBQ bacon burger with extra bacon from Bobo’s. I sent my compliments to the cook and devoured every last bite. Town food tastes so good when you’re stuck eating rice and noodles and couscous and oats day after day. Tomorrow is coming too quickly but the trail calls and besides, I’ll be back in Damascus for Trail Days in a few weeks!

Oh! This also makes one month on the trail. Woot!

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