The Appalachian Trail: Day 31

April 29, 2017

I didn’t sleep very well last night. The hikers camped out on the other side of the trail decided to pack up and head out a bit after 4:00am and weren’t very discreet. Then Mojo started packing up at 6:00 and his tent is very noisy. Super light​ and spacious, but noisy like wrapping paper. DustBuster looked about as thrilled as I was to get going.

We decided to hike on before breakfast to try to get away from the bugs. No such luck. We came across what appeared to be an old chimney but on the front was an engraving. It was another tombstone. The bottom reads “He lived alone, he suffered alone, and he died alone.” Cheery, right? It does make me curious, though.

There was a lot of water and mud crossing but there were nice little boardwalks to walk on and stay clean-ish. I passed a few hikers, most of which are planning to hit Damascus tomorrow evening. Some are planning to stop at a shelter 10 miles shy and an even fewer brave souls are pushing on to just a mile outside of town. We’re aiming for the shelter so tomorrow we can travel swiftly downhill to meet my brother and his wife who’ve driven down from Raleigh.

It was another hot day and I’m looking forward to a drink with actual ice. It’s amazing how something so common is such a luxury out here. We crossed into a nice bit of pasture that made the miles go a bit faster. It was a nice change of scenery but it doesn’t seem like we’re going to escape the sound of traffic. There’s a lot of bikers riding around​ today.

I got an energy boost towards the end of the day and ran through some light rain to the shelter. It was a steep hill to the water source but everything seems so much easier without a pack on. I cleaned up and set up camp a ways apart from the shelter once DustBuster showed up. The moon is shining brightly tonight and I had to go and soak in the sky for a while. It’ll be an easy day tomorrow and my mind feels quite at ease.

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