The Appalachian Trail: Day 29

April 27, 2017

I woke up still feeling great. The morning was full of waterfalls and bridge crossings with a general jungle feel (minus the heat). There was a chance for rain in the afternoon so we were hiking at a fairly brisk pace. At lunch, I declared that it wasn’t going to rain with enough confidence to make the clouds rethink things. Oh! Yesterday I started carrying a long spoke found in the middle of the trail. Was told at the shelter that it belonged to someone behind us so I left it with a little note. Hope you got it!

After lunch was some easy downhill where I got to pretend to be a rollercoaster as I ran my way down. We passed by a dilapidated old barn that had a rather creepy vibe. Nearby, I found a new-looking hatchet that I stuck in my pack to take to a hiker box. That just so happened to be less than a mile away at the wonderful Black Bear Resort!

This was a really nice hostel to stay in. DustBuster and I were the only ones in the bunkhouse but there were several other hikers here, including Greybeard! We hung out for a bit, talking and eating. I had a whole pizza, a Milky Way, and then a breakfast sandwich before the day was done. I also took some time to whittle my walking stick as the tip had worn down quite a bit.

This place is beautiful and there’s a kid fishing nearby. He told me that his brother caught 70 fish in 3 weeks!! This was a nice place for a break and a resupply. They even have a hiker lounge with movies, books, and board games! Now I get to fall asleep to the sound of rushing water and crickets.

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