The Appalachian Trail: Day 28

(for those of you not connected to me on Facebook, several days ago I had typed out four entries and was waiting for better signal to upload the pictures and then the posts. The morning after, my phone decided to do a factory reset in itself so I am now trying to work through the frustration to type them all again from scratch)

April 26, 2017

If yesterday was my lowest day, then today was my highest. I woke up still feeling rather blah but the sun was rising in a beautiful red and after a cuppa hot tea, I was ready to face the day.

We entered Carver’s Gap after climbing down the mountain just in time to see a bunch of clouds rolling across where the shelter was. Ahead of us was Roan High Knob which had a beautiful stream running down it. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was looking at the trail, glistening with wetness!

A few miles later, there was a side trail to a barn-turned-shelter that was used by the “Overmountain Men” on their way to fight a battle at Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War. I got a great view of it from the distance. We then hiked up Hump Mountain and I only giggled a little bit. Lunch was on the other side of the Hump.

There were two big milestones today. The first was leaving behind North Carolina. That’s 2 states down! There’s only around 70 miles to do of Tennessee and then it’s on to Virginia. Right at the sign for Doll Flats was a Christmas Tree farm off in the distance. Shortly after leaving NC, I ran into a hiker named Buzz. He’s the first one I’ve met that started after I did!

The second milestone came right after coming down to the beautiful Elk River. There, in all its glory, was mile 400! And as today is day 28, that averages to 100 miles per week. I was feeling so good that I hiked ahead to where DustBuster and I were tenting and then ran back down to go take a dip in the river! It was cold but oh-so refreshing. I even found some wild onions to add to my dinner!

It’s windy. I’m burnt and tired. I’ve never felt more content.

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