The Appalachian Trail Day 24 & 25

April 23, 2017

With just 6 miles to go into Erwin, TN, the morning was fairly uneventful. There were several small, but steep up and downs but town (and the river that runs through it) was in the distant view and that worked as a good motivator. Too good, as I stumbled on several rocks and roots, none of which were even slightly hidden.

We walked down to Uncle Johnny’s Hostel where DustBuster had a couple of packages waiting and I picked up some gaiters from their store. We’re staying at the Super 8 and we made it just before the rain started. A big thank you to Uncle Johnny’s wife for the ride! There’s a flash floods warning in effect so we decided to stay another night and take our first town-zero.

I met lots of hikers in Erwin. Had dinner the first night with Mr. Moji Rising and Bartender, along with our shuttle driver, Doug, and 2 other hikers (whose names I have misplaced). The second day was just sitting around watching TV (Home Alone and How To Train Your Dragon) and eating alarming amounts of food. There was some resupplying done but the rain was pretty much constant.

Sorry it took so long to upload this. Service has been pretty spotty at the campsites and I need the data connection to upload pics. I might have to start uploading during the day.

Here’s a duck.

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