The Appalachian Trail: Day 22

April 20, 2017

I went to bed last night and noticed that I was missing a sock. This morning, I discovered that I am also missing the compression band for my knee. Thank you, whomever messed with my laundry!

Don’t be bitter. Don’t be bitter…

Some shelter grafitti

Not too long into the morning, there was an option of taking a detour (they call it the “bad weather” trail) around a more strenuous section of the trail. Psh! Where’s the adventure there? There was a bit of bouldering and a couple with a dog on top. The dog’s pack had a very useful handle that they used to lift him up and pass him when met with an area he couldn’t climb. The view up top was nice and there was a memorial to one of the trail builders.

We hit mile 300 (308.8 with the approach trail) on our way to our lunch site and made a little marker for it. There were some signs for a nearby hotel advertising free pizza with stay but someone had written on it that it was all lies. Don’t know if it was from a fellow hiker or a rival hostel but we weren’t planning on stopping anyway. There were a surprisingly disturbing number of gravestones along the trail too…

The afternoon was hot with a lot of climbing but decorated with flowers and a very serene stream. We decided not to go to the next shelter and stopped at a stealth site, instead. Good thing too, before even finishing setting up camp, it started to rain again. Tomorrow is supposed to rain again and we’ve got another 20+ mile day planned. 20.6 miles today. I feel rather accomplished!

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