Grablins: As told by DustBuster

Many hikers have come across these mischievous little creatures, though few have ever seen them. They hide under the trail, waiting for hikers to come by and they grab their hiking poles and pull them into the ground! They also enjoy moving rocks and roots at the last second to snag an unsuspecting toe.

One witness says that they look like a cross between a Goblin and a Fraggle and that they like to pick on rabbits, which would explain why I haven’t seen a single one! Some are rumored to train squirrels to pull makeshift carts.

Although these creatures aren’t necessarily malevolent, caution should be taken as a stumble could end in serious injury. Tread softly and sure-footed!


One thought on “Grablins: As told by DustBuster

  1. Rick wants a picture of you w/you walking stick to show his bff that gave it to him to give to you when he heard you were taking the AT. Say where you are n what mile too pls.

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