The Appalachian Trail: Day 21

April 19, 2017

That room was so cozy that I didn’t want to leave, but the journey must continue. We left town around 8:30 and crossed over the French Broad River. It was cloudy with rain in the forecast so there was some wet hiking to look forward to.

We passed by a dozen or so people camped just outside of town. The rain started as we approached a section of the trail that required a bit of bouldering, making things slick and treacherous. We passed some more hikers and then we didn’t see any other thru-hikers for more than 2 hours!

There was a strange little dam in the woods where a quiet lake sat. Wild onions were growing nearby and I was tempted to grab some but lunch was still quite a ways off. The rest of the morning was spent either sweating in the rain or walking in a literal cloud so staying dry was nearly impossible. And there were a couple more gravestones, too…

The rain finally cleared up after lunch and there were a few hours of sunshine. There was a sign posted saying that this area was a bear sanctuary but no bears were seen. I did see another snake, though!

It began to rain again but the sky cleared up just long enough to snap a pic of the sunset before we were forced to retreat back into our tents. 20 miles down today. I love it out here!

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