The Appalachian Trail: Day 20

April 18, 2017

BOOYAH! 9 miles in under 3 hours! Not too shabby considering the ground was wet. On our approach into Hot Springs, we could see the town but it seemed like we were just descending parallel to it forEVER! Just before we made it into town, there were some old gravestones next to the trail.

1914 miles to go!

The town, itself, is quite pleasant. It’s definitely a tourist town but without being overdeveloped. We began looking for a place to stay which was more difficult than expected. The weekend was coming up and the town was planning some sort of Trail Fest so people were headed in early to book their spots. We finally found a little cottage-type duplex that was  very nice! There was a back porch that overlooked a branch of the nearby river.

I showered and went to the laundromat before heading to lunch. Before digging in to my hot wings, I ran back to take my clothes out of the washer only to discover that some impatient soul had taken my clothes out in the 5-10 minutes since the cycle had ended. I smirked to myself and moved them over to the dryer. No big deal.

With lunch finished, I went around to the stores to pick up some trail food. I decided to take a break from oatmeal and grabbed some poptarts and honey buns instead. As a special treat, I bought some peanut butter M&M’s!
Dinner was a bacon cheeseburger (extra bacon) and fries, which I devoured with gusto, followed by a giant slice of cheesecake. I’ve definitely got my hiker hunger.

My bed is soft and the night is quiet. Everything is charging and I’m clean. It’s been a great day!

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