The Appalachian Trail: Day 14

(Got my phone charged for a bit so here goes!)

April 12, 2017

After a night of sleeping by the roadside, I realized my phone was nearly dead and probably wasn’t going to last long. It made it until lunch.

We met Drogo (DustBuster’s friend from the PCT) and he gave us a ride into town for a small resupply. There was only so much room in his truck so me and two other hikers rode in the back of his covered truck. It was actually a pretty relaxing ride. I stocked up on sugary junk for breakfast (second breakfast) and picked up some moleskin to protect my toes.

We returned to Fontana Dam and got all of our pack situated and began our hike. Drogo recognized a hiker from his 2013 AT thru-hike named Odie. Odie, with the help of some others, make a Hiker’s Yearbook which features pages and pages of pictures of thru-hikers and names to help keep in touch. It’s a very entertaining concept!

We crossed the dam and began a very hot trek upwards. Drogo’s pack seemed ridiculously light but he is only hiking for a short time. He won’t hike long enough to develop a hiker hunger. At the top of one (of many) hills, we ran into Kyle, Bigfoot, and Bigfoot’s brother from New Hampshire. Those guys are some muscled and long-legged folks. They just disappear hiking up a mountain.

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful little clearing where tiny white flowers were blooming all over! It was very peaceful with just the sound of the insects and the wind. In the midst of that peacefulness, my phone decided to silence itself as well. It’s gonna suck not to be able to take pictures for a while.

We made it to the shelter fairly early (it was only a 12 mile day) and it seemed like the perfect time to just lounge around. Kyle and them showed up and we just goofed off and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Some deer even came by to join us, not the least bit afraid. My only concern is the marked “toilet area”. It looks quite used. Oh well, life in the woods!

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