The Appalachian Trail: Day 13

April 11, 2017

And I thought yesterday was bad… Today thoroughly whooped my butt! I don’t think it would’ve been so difficult if I weren’t still hurting from yesterday. Not just my feet, but the muscles in my legs were aching as well. I really should stretch more…

There was a good climb up this morning followed by lots and lots of down with a few smaller ups. PUDs. Pointless Up and Downs. It is a scenic trail but I didn’t think the views were worth the effort. As I was crossing a road, a man in a truck called out to DustBuster and I, asking if we would like some fresh fruit. I had a Granny Smith that totally made my day!

The day went on and as Fontana Dam drew closer, the forest began to take on a much greener tone. Spring is arriving and life is stirring all around us out here. I saw so many ferns and flowers getting closer to their time to bloom. Soon, the forest will be awash with the smell of flowers and the songs of birds and insects alike. This is truly my favorite season.

At the foot of some stairs, 1.1 miles from the shelter (nicknamed the Fontana Hilton), were some hiking boots filled with pebbles and a story about a man who desperately wanted to hike the A.T. but who’s time was cut short. They were asking for thru-hikers to take a pebble and place it on the summit of Katahdin. I placed one in my pack.

The shelter was super crowded when we got there and we ended up having to set our tents on the side of the road. There’s a shower here (yay) and a solar charging hub but most of the cords were in use. There has to be close to three dozen people here. I plugged my phone into my power bank and it immediately quit working so it appears that I might be phoneless for a bit. Updates might take a week or so until I can get the situation rectified. Please bear with me for a bit.

Tomorrow, we are meeting up with Drogo who hiked the PCT last year at the same time as DustBuster and hiked the A.T. in 2013. He’ll be joining us for a few days for a birthday hike. We’re entering the Smokies which requires a permit and camping only at shelters. It’s a new leg of the journey!

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3 thoughts on “The Appalachian Trail: Day 13

    1. I’m headed to Standing Bear Hostel tomorrow and will be in Hot Springs a couple of days later but DustBuster’s friend, Drogo, actually gave me his power bank when he left, which is how I’m able to write this. I’m trying to conserving power but I should be able to charge and do all my updates tomorrow

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  1. Re: the granny smith; I told you you would lack for nothing ! The Lord sent someone 👼 across your path @ the exact moment to give you a boost nutritionally & spiritually. 🍏🎁🌈
    Pstr. Dustin Wilds ask about you today, said to tell you hi.
    Thanks for the blog.
    Live you always


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