The Appalachian Trail: Day 11

April 9, 2017

This Budget Inn was nicer than the last… is what I thought until I heard the neighbors run their water early in the morning. Those pipes are noisy! Still, it was a good night’s rest and I had a good breakfast of not-oatmeal. I packed up and waited for the 9am shuttle back to the trail.

Today felt like a constant climb, and the majority of it was! Within no time, I was taking off my jacket and dripping sweat. The climb was much harder than I was expecting but my pack is also much heavier than before. It was nice having DustBuster there to keep me going.

Most of today was spent on mountain tops and ridges with great views. Unfortunately, it was usually the same view again and again. After lunch, there was an awesome fire tower with a more awesome couple doing trail magic. I helped myself to an Oatmeal Creme Pie and had DustBuster snap a picture of me.

We finally reached our intended shelter but decided to push on a couple more miles to avoid a crowd. I’m on a slightly slanted surface that should make sleeping interesting. I hung up my food (which I have waay too much of) and decided to play a few songs before bed. Oh! I also got my first blisters of the hike. Hopefully, they’ll not get worse.

17.9 miles today, let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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