The Appalachian Trail: Days 8 & 9

April 7, 2017

Yesterday was sleet and snow ALL day! I got out of my tent one time to get water and use the privy, the rest of the day was spent reading with a brief period for self-hygiene. I stayed cuddled in my sleeping bag trying to dry my socks with my body heat.

This morning, I decided it was time to move on. I wanted to try to get closer to Franklin to meet my mom tomorrow. Dustbuster and I headed out at about 10:00 with frozen shoes and wet gear.

The snow everywhere was kinda pretty but it was getting warmer and the snow was melting. The trail got quite muddy and my socks did not stay dry for long. I didn’t fall but I came very close a few times. We weren’t sure if we were going to stay at Carter’s Gap Shelter or push on to Betty Creek but we got to Carter’s at 3:00 and decided to go the extra 4 miles. We made terrific time, 16.2 miles in 6.5 hours!

We saw Bigfoot and Kyle at Betty’s Creek and several other hikers trailed in behind us. We all talked and joked around by the fire until it was time to retire. Tomorrow, we will hike 12ish miles to Winding Stair Gap where my wonderful mother will be meeting us to drive us into town. I’ll also get to visit my first fire tower!

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