The Appalachian Trail: Day 7

April 5, 2017

I slept until 7:00! It was just what I needed after such an exhausting day. I tried to pack up rather quickly, knowing that rain would be coming in a few hours. I’m not sure what time I started hiking but I’m guessing no later than 8:00. Sure enough, it started raining after an hour or so.

And it rained.

And rained.

And rained….

I passed a couple of hikers chilling at the Georgia/North Carolina border, though I didn’t know it was the border at the time. My hiking umbrella (LiteFlex) weighs but 8oz and kept me almost completely dry. Certainly, more dry than many others I saw. Unfortunately, it blocks a fairly large portion of my vision. It also helps in no way against puddles.

Made it to Muskrat Shelter and decided to go no further. More rain and cold weather coming. My sleeping bag got a bit damp through the pack cover, pack, and compression bag. I’ll have to put it in a waterproof bag during rainy hikes. I’ve been using my body heat to dry it. Hopefully, that works with my socks too.

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