The Appalachian Trail: Day 6

April 4, 2017

I woke up earlier than I wanted but I used that time to update the blog a bit. I started packing up when the others finally started moving around. There are two shuttles going back to Unicoi this morning: one at 8:15 and another an hour later. The first one was already full and it looked like the second would also be. I didn’t want to risk me or someone else not making it so I decided to try my thumb at hitchhiking (see what I did there?).

It took about 20 minutes to get picked up and about 5 minutes later I was wishing I was still walking. Nothing like a near-death experience to wake you up in the morning! Still, I made it back to the trail in one piece. I was planning on another 17 mile day and was climbing uphill immediately.

I felt great as I started to pass people who were on the first shuttle. Sweaty, but accomplished. I felt a little less great when my phone holster broke at the last Gap. I tried to carry it for a while but eventually I put it away. There might not be too many pictures until I can get to Franklin, NC in a few days. I’ll be meeting my mom and picking up some meals and supplies.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow but today is hot! I’m having to drink tons of water but the going feels so slow. The day was rather uneventful. I caught up to Dustbuster at Dick’s Creek Gap and we got some water before hiking uphill .4 miles to out campsite. She’s not had to hang her food so far this trip and watching her was quite entertaining.

Another hiker just came in and is coughing nastily. I hope he isn’t contagious! Tomorrow, I will meet Dustbuster at Muskrat Creek Shelter 11.8 miles away and see how the weather is before deciding what to do next. Should be a wet one!

Also, tomorrow will be two milestones for me: It will be my longest hike (my old one being 85 miles) and I will be entering North Carolina! Wooo!

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