The Appalachian Trail: Day 4

April 2, 2017

I finally had a good night’s sleep. I woke up  between 6:30 & 7:00 and started packing up. I thought Alex and/or Snowbird might hike with me but both were still sleeping when I left. Terry was already gone and Dustbuster was packing up as I said goodbye. I ended up leapfrogging with her all day.


I felt pretty good today. My knee was fine. My hips were fine. My feet are fine. Finefinefine! Why am I so fine? Maybe I was just born to hike. Or maybe the pain is coming….

Oh well! Nothing to do but keep on walking. And what a walk! The trail went up, and up, and up, and when I reached the top… Down, down, down! This was the hilliest part of Georgia and I ran out of water 15 minutes before hitting a shelter for lunch. Too close for my liking!

(Oh! My poor little charge pack with a solar panel decided to break free from it’s clip and cartwheel about 60 feet down an incredibly steep embankment. I basically just slid down to it but getting up was much tougher. Sad to say that I won’t be able to charge my phone much until I can get that fixed. I really need it hanging on my pack.)

I chatted with Dustbuster again and a couple of guys who were staying at the shelter tonight. After lunch, I was pleased to find a few miles of smooth hiking. I had 8 miles to go and was expecting to get to Blue Mountain Shelter in 4 hours, around 6:00. Well, the hours flew by uneventfully other than a quail-spotting. I was amazed to find that I reached the shelter by 5:20! 17.7 miles.

Dinner, blogging, and planning tomorrow out. It’s gonna rain tomorrow and I’m planning on hiking through it. I’ll go 15.5 miles to Deep Gap shelter and have 4 miles for Tuesday when I’ll go in town. Unless, I hike 19 miles tomorrow and stay at the Top of Georgia Hostel. We shall see!

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4 thoughts on “The Appalachian Trail: Day 4

  1. Love the pics! What kind of bird soaring above? A buzzard was flying low as Karter & I stepped outside. It left a shadow & Karter looks up & says, “Grammy I thought that bald eagle was gonna hit my head!”. I didn’t have the 💙 to correct him.
    17+ miles! You got this!!! Survive the storms⚡(dogwood winter Wed&Thurs) & keep your eyes peeled for them bears! 🐻
    💕💀, 👸


  2. Good Morning from Arkansas. My son used to work with you and told me about your blog. Your writing is fantastic and the pictures are beautiful. Blessings on your journey. I look forward to seeing your posts.


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