The OHT Part 2: Day 6

Mar. 9, 2017

Well, the patches worked well enough that I could manage a few hours of sleep before having to blow it back up. I actually woke up feeling pretty good and last night I even wrote a bit of poetry. Something I haven’t been able to find the motivation for in quite some time. I’m not saying that I’m particularly skilled, but I used to enjoy it so much. That’s one of the reasons I’m going on this hike. Hiking is one of the few things that I can still feel passion for… Any who, the weather was great and I was super-charged! Today just felt way too easy and the miles just flew by! I could tell because my feet were starting to ache but ACTUALLY felt easier to go fast then to try to slow down.

Before I knew it, 6 miles were behind me and I was at my first (of 2) water crossings. This one, I wasn’t sure if I could cross without getting wet. I saw another hiker on the other side and we both began walking down to find a suitable crossing. I went first and with some nimbleness and a lot of leaning on my walking stick, I made it across without soaking myself. Even if that one rock did tip completely over when I put my foot down. I talked to the hiker for a bit and he had already gotten 10 miles done this morning. Turn out he’s from Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Rocksylvania) so this trail is fairly  moderate compared to what he’s used to. He was hiking the entire OHT so I let him be on his way. I was a little anxious to finish as the sky was starting to turn a bit grey and the thought of non-trail food was making my mouth water.

You can see the other guy in the top left corner

As I finally came down out of the mountains, I was rewarded for all of my hiking by a beautiful forest coming into spring. Not only are the trees budding, but there are flowers of purple and yellow and white, and ivy and vines gaining their footholds and climbing before the trees begin to hog the sunlight. Nature’s beauty always put a smile on my face while igniting my soul. With everything lifting my spirit so high, the last few miles passed without any effort.

The skies turned quite dark as I made it to the Visitor’s Center and my weather app says that I made it just in time. I have no problem hiking in the rain, I would just rather not if I have a choice. Not until the hot summer, anyways. With my hike over, I feel almost ready to begin the Appalachian Trail. I will be leaving for Georgia soon and visiting with my family until the end of March. It’s really almost here!


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