The OHT Part 2: Day 4

Sorry for the delay in getting the rest of these up. My friends have been keeping me rather occupied as I get ready to head down to Georgia to see family and wait for my start date. Also, updating with my phone is turning out to be a little trickier than I thought it would be.

Mar. 7, 2017

I stayed up a bit later than intended last night. I got sucked into a book that I was reading and it was past 11:00 before I knew it! I woke up a little after midnight to the wind howling through the trees. I made sure that I wasn’t under any dead branches when I set up camp but the scraping of the trees made me rather nervous all night. The rain came in bursts and the lightning seemed quite close but I managed to sleep okay.

Morning came and the weather cleared up into a very pretty day! I absolutely hate packing up camp with everything wet but I couldn’t really just sit around hoping it dried. I ate my breakfast and grumbled a bit while packing but was glad for my gloves. Should’ve brought some latex ones for a waterproof layer though. I chatted a bit more with the college kids then hurried along my way. Today I would be climbing up Hare Mountain, climbing back down, going by Cherry Bend, and finally ending at Fain Creek, 16 miles away. Fain Creek was my turnaround site on my last hike and it’s in my favorite setting to camp. Pines! This thought filled me with energy all day.

Hare Mountain was quite a scenic location. It was also fairly open to the wind on some stretches which was blowing especially hard way up here on top. It was just an all-around pleasant day today. I got to see a few critters and spent lots of time hiking through pines. I decided to just have some extra snacks instead of cooking lunch. I might want to think about changing what I pack for lunch. I just don’t really like to take long breaks. Not yet. Not while the days still seem so short. I might be one of the few people in the world who actually looks forward to Daylight Savings Time.

I crossed the highway for the first time on this hike. I tried my luck with my phone and actually managed some reception. I texted my dad to let him know that I would me done a might sooner than anticipated. The signal didn’t last long so I tried not to meander too much. There was a very nicely built bridge and the trail was soft and cushioned with moss as I finished my hike in to Fain Creek. I was greeted with a water crossing that didn’t have quite the same amount of force as the one I had crossed on my second day hiking but was much wider and just as slick. I made it across after several minutes.

I’ve only got 30 miles left! I think I might do something a bit different for this next section since I’ve already hiked it. Tomorrow, another adventure awaits!


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